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Founded in 2016, Extraa Insights is just another boutique research, consulting & advisory firm, but targeting niche untracked and unserved areas for our clientele. Extraa Insights was founded with the key aim to provide an "extraa" hand to CXOs and other leaders in their businesses and departments. We call ourselves “Extraa Insights” because we are even that one person you can consult for anything and everything, or when you don’t know who’s the right advisor.
We like to be your partner, instead of a vendor; thereby assuring full confidentiality, trust and transparency. We make our partners (clients) gain insights from our expertise in covering conventional & unconventional business models and practices; thereby helping you understand your own company, competitors and customers better.
Leading this firm is Mr. Hemant Golechha, our Founder Director & Principal Consultant.


Extraa Insights helps in solving the critical issues faced by our clients/partners, both large and small. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help across industries & domains as well as to individuals across age groups/genders (this is our way of giving back to the society).


Corporate Clients

  • Setting-up and Scaling New Ventures/Business Divisions
  • Strategic Consulting: Business audit, planning & strategy development
  • Management Consulting
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Process Development, Implementation & Management
  • Process Review/Audit & Improvements
  • Planning & Implementation; Execution, Management & Tracking
  • Data Review/Audit & Improvements
  • Virtual Project Management
  • Research (Equity Research, Business Research, Market Research)
  • Technical Analysis on Stocks
  • Developing New Research Products
  • Training - Tailor-made Training per your requirements

Individual Clients

  • Wealth Management Advisory Services
  • Personal Counselling- for Effective Life/Career Management
  • Work-Life Balance Counselling
  • Students

Already Served Industries

  • Education – Schools & Universities
  • Business Intelligence & Research firms
  • Consulting Firms
  • Infrastructure/Construction
  • Art & Craft Professionals
  • Digital Marketing & Advertising Firms
  • Packaged Food & Beverages
  • Investment Banking
  • Financial Brokers
  • NGOs/NPOs
  • Religious Institutions
  • Several Professionals, Homemakers, Students etc.

Leadership Profile:Hemant G. Golechha


Mr. Golechha founded Extraa Insights in 2016 after 13 years in leading research and business services companies. He has experience in syndicated (equity, business and market) research, project & people management, setting, monitoring and achieving production/publication targets, consulting projects; and teaching.
Mr. Golechha is an active member of the Global Advisory Council (GAC) at Cornerstone Capital Group (http://cornerstonecapinc.com/gac/), a very powerful house for sustainability investing and finance.
He has managed content and large teams across leading sectors: Consumer, Packaging & Retail, Financial Services, Technology, Media and Telecom, and Construction. He is a Gold Medalist with a Masters in Commerce and also holds a program management degree (PGMP). His key interest lies in mentoring, managerial/leadership roles, internal process audits, advisory roles, corporate strategy, planning & budgeting and research & consulting. He is a strong believer and promoter of work-life balance.

Founder Desk

India Inc. ESG Reporting –an example being set for many others

Business models are bound to change everywhere as regulators and investors become more and more conscious of impact investments. In the next 25-30 years, every business organization will be continuously evaluated on its ESG (environmental, social and governance) preparedness, See more...

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The A to Z of a satisfying professional life...

The transition from a “cozy” college life, to a “pushy” professional one is quite interesting, and worth enjoying. It’s important we let some aspects of a student continue being a part. In my short corporate career so far, I learnt a few basics to enjoy not only the transition but the so-called hectic work front too. Interestingly, most of these are applicable to any relation, and at the end See more...

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Book Review | The Unique Indian Market:Doing Business in India

The complex and challenging diversity of India has confused many – Indians as well as foreigners have tried and are still trying to understand the market for taking right decisions. But often they have failed. Some learnt their lessons and survived whereas others quit. But no one could sum up common problems or common prospects with sure shot definition of the Indian market and its attributes like most global peers (by definition of a country). Now, here is a book which has tied all aspects about the country together in one thread and very brilliantly put them in mere 200 odd pages. This quick read summarizes the History, Geography, Democratic Politics and Economics of modern Free India along with undivided India/ colonial India(before independence), without compromising on data and the key facts. See more...



अल्पवय में ही व्यापक स्तर पर आपके द्वारा प्राप्त ज्ञान अवं अनुभव अनुमोदनीय हैं। शिक्षा जगत में भी आपकी प्रज्ञा का उपयोग होना ही चाहिए। मुझे विश्वास हैं की शिक्षा क्षेत्र में लेखन, अध्यापन, परामर्श एवं प्रबंधन - किसी भी विषय में आप अवश्य सफलता प्राप्त करेंगे।


मुनि मनीष सागर

विचक्षण जैन विद्यापीठ, कैवल्यधाम, रायपुर , छत्तीशगढ़

His style of teaching is phenomenal. My son has grown confidence and has very much flourished academically. Nothing but distinctions so far. He is a gifted teacher and my son’s achievements are a testament of that. Throughout his 12th, I did not have any problem with reaching out to Sir. He was available whenever required and was able to solve all the doubts in an easy manner.


- Mrs. Neena Jasore parent


My daughter Saloni always had a disinterest for Economics and found it boring. But with Hemant’s able guidance and personal attention, she scored a mighty 97/100 in her XII board exams. We highly recommend Hemant to every parent/student seeking concept clarity, personal attention and future counselling.


Ritesh Shah, parent


With Mr. Goleccha, you won't be just getting what is required, but it will always be much beyond!! Beyond - in terms of training, clarity on goals and most wonderful ways of achieving it! He is a true gem of persona! Just discuss/consult with him once (may it be personal/business/career related or anything) and you will for sure be relieved and will see a path for sure! Highly recommended to be your consultant/partner/mentor/path guider!! He actually impacts, very few do it that way!


CA Hardik Chordia Co-Founder at CAtalyzer (A Mentoring Program)

Partner at DCA, Nagpur (All India Rankholder at all levels of CA & CS )

Extraa Insights has served us across several strategic projects. Their commitment and service levels have helped us take things to the next level. Hemant's strategic insights and opinions are result oriented - he indeed provides that ‘extraa eye’. Looking forward to more assignments soon.


Pankaj Chaubey

Founder & Principal Analyst at PayNXT360

Neeraj KapoorIt was delightful to learn economics for Hemant during our college days for MBA and CFA. He loves to teach and makes learning very interesting and comes to the level of the student. His way to impart knowledge is unique and interesting. He has the art to make even boring-looking Economics also Loveable. What I learnt from him back in 2003-04 is still crystal clear and I am able to use it in my professional life in the field of finance as well.

neeraj kapoor

Neeraj Kapoor

Senior Vice President at IDFC AMC


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